Mobiwol No Root Firewall for Android - The Ultimate in Android Protection

Application Firewall

No Root Required Mobiwol is the only full feature ‘No Root Firewall app’ available on Play Store. Since the app doesn’t need root permission, it can be directly run on any Android device, rooted or not.

Allow/Block individual apps Don’t want to be bothered by ads in otherwise offline apps? Want to allow WhatsApp and Dropbox, but want to keep them from running in the background because it kills your battery? With Mobiwol, customizing data permissions is easy. Mobiwol gives you the freedom to decide which apps access the web and how, including the option to block all background activity for an app, allowing it to connect to the outside world only when it’s active in the foreground.

Mobiwol No Root Firewall makes it simple - Allow the apps you trust, limit or block those you don’t.

Data Usage Reporting

Replaces the Android built-in Data Usage screens to show exactly how much data apps on your device use collectively as well as individually, and also lets you set limits on the data usage to maximize your data plan.

Free Android Firewall without Root | Get Mobiwol - the Ultimate Android App Firewall
Mobiwol's Connections Log and Notifications Give You Control of Your Android Data Protection

Activity Logging and Notifications

Log activities Mobiwol tracks and logs the activity initiated by your device with the outside world. Each app that accesses data connection is logged, along with the IP address of the server that it’s intending to connect to.

Real-time notifications Mobiwol notifies you when an app tries to connect to the Internet by sending a notification to your notification bar. That’s just a convenience, though. You can always disable the notifications or reduce their frequency, if you don’t like the ongoing updates.